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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Free Dr. Funke's Thunder!

So I along with tens, perhaps dozens, of other members have it on the total INSIDER authority of the "Official Arrested Development Fan Club" October newsletter that Scrubs' Zach Braff would like to get David Cross to guest on the show as Tobias Funke. Thenewsletter reports (via TV Guide):

Ausiello: What's this I hear about David Cross coming on as his Arrested Development character?

Braff: That's what I'm trying to broker. I'm a huge fan of his and so is Bill, and our idea was that he would play Tobias in an episode. Obviously, we have to get that cleared by a lot of people, like [Arrested creator] Mitch [Hurwitz] and Fox, but that was my pitch. David wants to do it.

Ausiello: Is it your goal to get the entire Arrested Development cast on Scrubs?
Braff: [Laughs] Yeah, one by one. I was such a fan.

I have been tried, oh Lord. You tooketh away AD before its time, and lo I have wept and gnashed my teeth. Canst not Thou do this teensy weensy favor in this hour of darkness?

And wouldn't Tobias be perfect for the Scrubs sensibility? Bateman's already been on, albeit not as a Bluth. Plus a character cameo would be a delightful homage to AD and its sensibility. "Professor" Munch anybody? This is no less than universe demanding a Lord & Taylor bag full of justice be restored.

And speaking of Professor Munch, a little blurb in Entertainment Weekly recently called to my attention the fact that Richard Belzer has played Detective Munch on seven primetime shows: Law & Order; Law & Order: SVU; Law & Order: Trial By Jury; The X-Files; The Beat; AD and Homicide. 7!! Kudos to that kook!

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