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Friday, July 16, 2004

Stay Classy, America!

Today's Morning Edition did a great piece on political cartoonists and the 2004 election. You can check out the interviews and more cartoons at their site.

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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Darth (Maybe) Later

Ok, so I happen to think that House Speaker Finneran gets a bad rap from the Boston media. His intentions are good, but from time to time he heeds darker instincts, particularly those that whisper to him to tell people off. (If you look closely in photos, you can see the good angel on is shoulder vanishing in a poof while the devil whispers some antagonizing statement in his ear. "Call the Clean Elections advocates 'pathetic.' Call failed teachers 'idiots.' You know you want to tell Bob Kraft he is nothing but a whiny fat-ass millionaire.") The Globe won't be satisfied until the man is actually burned at the stake and his leadership team sent to the Iron Maiden.

However, Jon Keller's interview with Speaker Finneran in which the Speaker complained about Reps trying to "stampede" him on an emergency contraceptive bill really frosted my cookies, and i prefer them unfrosted (South Beach...) The Speaker then went through a litany of priorities including overrides and bond bills -- granted, all good initiatives deserving of policy priority, except for his paternalistic constitutional amendment on the rainy day fund -- that he wants to do before the legislative session closes and concluded "the notion that everything is supposed to stop in its tracks strikes me as absurd." Oh by the way, the Senate sent the bill to the House two weeks prior to Finneran complaining about the "stampede."

I am fairly indifferent to the bill, but give me a break. Imagine 60 elected representatives -- more than 1/3 of the body -- having the temerity, my heavens, the hubris to ask for a vote on a piece of legislation at the end of the 2-year session. A session in which only about 340(ish) laws have been enacted, many having to do with land takings or fascinating local topics such as the statute "designating a certain parcel of land in the city of Boston as the Guido Salvucci Bocci Court." (Check out what they've been up to at www.mass.gov/legis and then scroll through the Acts of 2003 and the Acts of 2004.) Perhaps I am being uncharitable.(ok I am.) Perhaps the emergency contraceptive bill and others cannot be addressed due to preoccuption in figuring out who keeps diming him out relative to his legal woes.

I hasten to add that were this an anti-abortion matter and that legislative leadership declined to take up the bill, the Globe would be editorializing about the courage of convictions, leadership, etc.

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Oh Boy! Sleep! That's where I'm a viking!

Cool game, if you're a complete nerd like me. Sack the monastery at Lindisfarne, all while remaining seated on your lazy, lazy ass. See the equally nerdly but fun archaeological dig game. The BBC website is a geek's parafise.

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Friday, July 09, 2004

Let's have some UNITY, Biatch!

According to the Sacramento Bee (the link is to the cached article because I am tired of registering for sites that I never plan to visit again), "Dave Chappelle got so angry with the crowd Tuesday night at Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium that the stand-up comic walked off the stage for nearly two minutes. Upon his return, he told the audience, 'You people are stupid.'" Somehow I missed the coverage of this. This week's EW claims it's because of Chappelle's reported conversion to Islam, but if you read other coverage, it sounds like he just got irritated with people acting like jackasses. Anyway, pretty good coverage of his act, too.

And speaking of UNITY, here's a random link to Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Story about Rick James.

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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Shirts vs. Blouses

I was psyched to see Charlie Murphy on Entertainment Weekly's 2004 Must List. (Sorry, I couldn't find a picture of him). Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories help make Chappelle's Show. I almost wet my pants with the re-enactment of Rick James grinding his filthy boots into Eddie's new couch. Of course, the Prince one was just as good. "Blouses."

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Have a nice life, Elisabeth

We'll be Serena around.

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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Which old....? I was going to use a naughty word, but then I remembered that Elisabeth Rohm's Serena Southerlyn wasn't interesting enough to deserve it. E!online reports that Elisabeth Rohm, someone who makes me miss, I swore I'd never say it, Angie Harmon, will be leaving Law & Order in the middle of next season. And as I clearly have enough free time to check out other useless entertainment spots, New York Daily News reports that Carey Lowell (A.D.A. Jamie Ross) will make appearances on the Trial by Jury spinoff. Finally, Gothamist has its usual entertaining coverage on her departure.

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