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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Corporate Whore

So I admit I'm a complete corporate whore. I have no principles. I am shilling for The Man. Yet, I implore you. Watch Arrested Development. You''ll laugh. Out loud. Without prompting from a laugh track. You don't need tv to tell you what's funny. Watch it before it's cancelled. My heart still remains empty from the loss of such late greats as Mr. Belvedere, Blossom, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Silver Spoons and Hunter. O, Michael Stoyanov, at which dinner theater are you thespiating?! Christopher Hewitt, I hope you're butling up in heaven! Hey, Corin Nemec, watch out for Mansquito! Fred Dryer, oh when will you back in force?! Michael Bluth, I mean, Jason Bateman, loved ya in Dodgeball. The point: life is short. Your beloved(s) will leave you. Grab that remote firmly and don't let go.

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